Absolute Aromas Mandarin

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Absolute Aromas selects only the finest quality essential oils available from around the world and this 100% pure organic Mandarin essential oil is no exception. Mandarin has a sweet, familiar aroma and is considered one of the gentler oils making it popular for use by pregnant women and on children in very low dilutions. There are three types of mandarin oil, green, yellow and red. These colours do not refer to the colour of the oil, but the ripeness of the fruit when they are expressed. Why not try blending 3 drops of Mandarin, 3 drops of Geranium and 2 drops of Patchouli and a teaspoon of Peach Kernel oil (All available from Absolute Aromas Amazon store) and adding into a warm bath for a reinvigorating bath soak after a hard day.


Contains 100% pure,natural and undiluted Organic Mandarin essential oil

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