Absolute Aromas Jojoba

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Absolute Aromas selects only the finest quality oils available from around the world and our 100% pure, Organic Jojoba carrier oil is no exception. Our carrier oils are versatile oils that are perfect for blending but also excellent as stand-alone oils, making them an essential part of our range. Jojoba is a fine oil, high in vitamin E and resembles the skin's sebum in composition. It has a very long shelf life as it does not oxidise easily. Our Jojoba is cold pressed. Jojoba also contains myristic acid which is an anti inflammatory, therefore a good base oil for people with stiff and aching joints. It is also one of the carrier oils recommended for baby massage. It is actually a wax not an oil, so avoid storing in cold conditions.


Contains 100% pure,natural and undiluted Organic Jojoba oil

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