Organic Earth Logo

As the Organic Earth family, we have made it our mission to make sure our foods are sustainable and ethical. We are working excitedly to bring you a selection of organic foods to support your health at this difficult time. Rest assured; we are an independent local business that gets its courage from you.

We are pleased to bring you organic fruit and vegetables, organic bread, organic meat, gluten-free products, a wide selection of high-quality vegan and vegetarian products, the best natural care products for health and personal care, and a wide range of high-quality health supplements.

We want to present you with seasonally determined fruit and vegetables, to avoid packaging waste as much as possible, to familiarise ourselves with small, local, and independent organic foods producers as much as possible, as well as to provide you with a wide range of the best and the most trustworthy organic products certified by Soil Association.

Organic Earth aims to recreate the healthy foods and fair-trade network with responsible producers, which we have lost because of the industrialised foods production, and we are very excited to become part of the healthy foods and fair-trade network to bring you natural, healthy, tasty, trustworthy and ethical products.