Alara Gluten-Free Delight Muesli

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Alara organic gluten free delight muesli contains over 50% fruits, nuts and seeds and registered with the coeliac society. Based on over 20 years experience in making gluten free muesli, Alara designed our organic gluten free to be the most tasty, healthy and satisfying muesli yet. It is light and puffy but full of delicious fruits, nuts and seeds (over 50%). Essential for all with wheat/gluten intolerance or following the detox diet, this muesli is a perfect choice for everyone. It has no sugar or salt added, no preservatives or additives and no GM.


Sultanas* [33%], Sunflower Seeds [17%], Corn Flakes [17%], Puffed Millet [15%], Crispy Rice [7.5%], Roasted Chopped Hazelnuts [4.5%], Chopped Dates** [4%], Dried Apple Dice [2%], *Covered with Sunflower or Palm Oil, **Coated with Rice Flour

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