Organic Broccoli & Cauliflower Fries (Gluten Free!)



Hello organic people! This week's recipe is our banging broccoli and cauliflower bites! They are vegan, organic, gluten free and absolutely delicious! We like to play with spices and this is an easy recipe to get into them if you are not confident enough yet!


What you will need:


200gr Broccoli

200gr Cauliflower

1tbsp Cumin

1tbsp Paprika

1tbsp Turmeric

1tbsp Coriander

1tbsp Salt

1tsp Baking Powder

200ml of warm water

400ml Sunflower Oil



Let's start by cutting the cauliflower and the broccoli in florets, trying to leave the stalk quite long.

Make the batter by mixing together all the spices, with the salt and baking powder.

Slowly add the warm water to the mix and whisk until very smooth.

Put the oil in a frying pan on medium heat and check the temperature,

if correct the veggies should get puffy and golden in around 3 or 5 minutes. Keep turning them and be sure to cook both sides of each broccoli and


Move them on a trail and gently remove the excess oil with some kitchen

paper and put some salt on top while still piping hot!


Serve this with a salad and some spicy sauce for the best combination!


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