Carrot Meze


"Hello organic enthusiast! Today we are sharing probably the quickest and easiest recipe so far!

Meze is a selection of hot and cold dishes, typically served on a big plate and they are made to be shared or enjoyed as a snack!


What you will need:


350gr of Carrots (2 big carrots)

1TBS of Olive oil

1 Garlic Clove

3 TBSPs of Vegan Mayo

2 TBSPs of Vegan Yogurt

100gr of minced organic Walnuts



Start by peeling and grating the carrots

Put the olive oil in a large baking pan

Add the carrots to the pan and let them cook for 10 minutes until soft

Mash a garlic clove into the cooked carrots

Add 3 TBSPs of Vegan Mayo and 2 TBSPs of Vegan Yogurt

Add 3/4 of the minced walnuts Give it a good mix Serve it cold in a small pot, top it with the rest of the walnuts and enjoy it with some naan bread for the best result!

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